Get touring with us
A common mistake bands make, is playing the same city over and over again and far too often.  To help you with that, we book shows out of town.  Whether it is a couple of shows here and there or if you are looking for a full tour.  In the past, we have booked tours to the east coast and back, however, if you are looking for something different, we can most definitely discuss it.  
Generally, we like to have a minimum of three months to book a tour as it can be difficult to reach the venues.  Discuss the time frame with your band allowing a few days buffer on either end of the dates, then present them to us and we can move forward.  
Our cost is a minimum of $25/band/show (3 band lineup = $75) or 10% over $400. We do not not ask for a percentage from your merch sales.
A non-refundable deposit based on your tour must be paid upon agreement.  The remaining to be paid in full once the tour sheets have been emailed to you.  
  • What is included for the cost:
    – We book all shows
    – Fill lineups if needed
    – Create Facebook events
    – Set up a few tweets
  • – Provide you with a tour booklet (if you are within Toronto, otherwise, we will email you the info – at your expense) with maps to your destinations
  • – Design a tour banner and poster will be provided at an additional $50 cost
    – Send the poster via email to the venues

Should you choose to book with us, you must promote.  There is no sense wasting time for you, the venue, or our company if the promotions are not going to be done. Music City North will set up a couple of Tweets, Instagram and Facebook posts, however local media must be contacted as well as more Tweets, etc need to be set up.  If you would like to use our promotional services, please contact us. IF ample promotions have not been done for the shows, you WILL BE replaced with another band and you will forfeit your monies.  This is to ensure that the shows are as successful as possible and that we all maintain a professional image.

Interested in hitting the road? Contact booking@musiccitynorth.ca